Governance, Risk and Compliance

Building Risk Healthy Hospitals

Avoid the costs and headaches of non-compliance.


DecipherRisk™️ is a GRC application designed for small and mid-sized IT, Audit, Compliance, and Enterprise Risk teams. 

With DecipherRisk™️ you get:

  • Compliance - Proactively identify compliance issues.
  • Risk Quantification - Open FAIR™️ risk analysis.
  • Flexibility - modular system adapts to your organization's needs.
  • Efficiency - Replaces cumbersome spreadsheet-based risk registers.
  • Reporting - provides customizable reporting and dashboards.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management that identifies, analyzes, treats, and monitors enterprise risks, improving regulatory compliance and delivering measurable business results.

This includes:

  • HIPAA compliant risk analysis and management processes.
  • Cyber risk analysis and management.
  • Enterprise view of risk.
  • Transparency and Accountability.
  • Quantitative risk analysis.
  • Replace siloed views of risk with centralized risk registers.
  • Board level assurance and reporting.

Audit and Compliance

Audit and Compliance that replaces cumbersome, time-consuming spreadsheets with structured workflows and automation. 

This includes:

  • Audit workflow management and status reporting.
  • One-click audit summary reporting.
  • Individual and team audit calendars.
  • Separate sensitive audit information by department/groups.
  • Time-saving audit templates.

The HealthGuard Promise

OCR compliant risk management in 90 days.

According to the HHS 2016-2017 HIPAA Audits Industry Report:

  • 94% of covered entities failed to implement appropriate Risk Management activities.
  • 86% of covered entities failed to substantially fulfill their regulatory responsibilities to safeguard ePHI they hold through Risk Analysis activities.

In Addition:

  • Organizations with inadequate Risk Analysis and Risk Management received 78% larger OCR Civil Money Penalties.

DecipherRisk™ software included with every HIPAA Risk Analysis.

DecipherRisk™ Software

DecipherRisk™️ is a scalable GRC platform that helps hospitals achieve regulatory compliance and improve decision-making using quantitative, Open FAIR™-based risk analysis.

Why choose HealthGuard?

A partner that is invested in your success.
Ensure HIPAA compliance now and in the future. 
Build a risk-aware culture with continuous risk analysis and management.
Improve decision making with more objective, quantitative risk information.

Prior to the DecipherRisk™ solution, the hospital did not have a holistic view of our cyber risk or a comprehensive way to manage it. With the platform, we are able to document without spreadsheets, analyze the risk, and communicate more effectively. More importantly, the system allows us to know who is accountable for mitigating the issues in our risk register and track the progress. HealthGuard has become the cornerstone of our security program.

John Zuziak

CISO University of Louisville Hospital

Apps [HealthGuard's Founder & CEO] is the person I think of when I think of healthcare InfoSec. You won't find anyone stronger in the field.

Jack Jones

Creator of FAIR™

"The Open FAIR™crash course is a well-composed and interesting introduction to quantifiable information risk management for both leadership and risk managers, especially for those with no prior experience. I would highly recommend this course."

Chris Kuhl

CISO/CTO Dayton Children's Hospital

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