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Why HealthGuard?

At HealthGuard, we understand the vital role hospitals play in our nation's communities and economy. We also appreciate the significant challenges hospital administrators face in balancing the need to deliver safe and affordable patient care with ever-growing financial, legal, and regulatory pressures. When coupled with the non-stop threat of cyberattacks attempting to steal patient data and hold mission-critical IT systems for ransom, the need for effective enterprise and cyber risk management in healthcare has never been greater.
This is why HealthGuard exists. We are not just another cybersecurity or risk management company. We partner with healthcare organizations to build cost-effective cyber risk management programs that help decision-makers strike the right balance between the many priorities competing for the organization's limited resources. We do this because we believe building a more safe and secure hospital system is not only important for our families and the communities we live in, but also our nation and the world as a whole.

Improving Your Risk Visibility

Community hospitals and health systems are facing unprecedented headwinds. Decreasing reimbursement rates, increased compliance-related expenses, and a relentless barrage of cyber attacks has made the healthcare leader's job more challenging and stressful than ever.

For hospital CIOs, CISOs, and Enterprise Risk Management leaders, this creates an immediate need for a solid risk management decision process that allows them to be surgical about prioritizing issues and ensuring every dollar is invested wisely. Risk management solutions that use bogus math and broken models to estimate risk should not be relied on when making the many important decisions that healthcare organizations face.

"Risk management solutions that use bogus math and broken models to estimate risk should not be relied on when making the many important  decisions that healthcare organizations face."

For over a decade, HealthGuard has helped hospital systems use Open FAIR™ to measure risk more effectively, and ultimately drive better cyber and enterprise risk management decisions.

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