Specialized cyber risk quantification software designed for hospitals.

Decipher  verb

de-ci-pher / de-ci-fer

1. To convert into normal language.

2. Succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying something.

DecipherRisk is an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) system built around the Open FAIR™ quantitative risk analysis standard. It enables hospital administrators to make better business decisions about their cyber risk.

  • Risk Management

  • Open FAIR™

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Patient Safety

Cyber Risk Management

Decipher Risk provides an integrated end-to-end risk management solution that gives IT security, audit and risk management professionals with a single place to document, analyze and monitor enterprise cyber risk. 

  • Centralized risk register improves tracking, reporting and managing risk
  • Open FAIR™ based risk quantification improves communication and decision making
  • Complete risk life-cycle: Identification - Evaluation - Treatment - Monitoring

"Prior to the Decipher Risk solution, the hospital did not have a holistic view of our cyber risk or a comprehensive way to manage it. With the platform, we are able to document, without spreadsheets, analyze the risk, and communicate more effectively. More importantly, the system allows us to know who is accountable for mitigating the issues in our risk register and track the progress. HealthGuard has become the cornerstone of our security program."

John Zuziak

CISO, University of Louisville Hospital

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